An age-old tradition

Cuproom is the brand created by Celato Rito s.r.l., a company which has been working iron and copper for over a century with the expertise and love of our craft, combined with new technology.
Cuproom is the evolution and transition from forged iron to a new and personal design concept through the warmth and strength of copper, the elegance of steel and lightness of aluminium.
Material and technology are the prerequisites for the design of contemporary objects in which the pared-back look of clean lines and the sophisticated manual work are blended to add a personal touch to any setting.


Our artisans play an active part in the creative process and represent another important level of the guarantee of quality. They possess excellent skills which highlight the quality of our products along with their innate responsible and conscientious approach to their work. This is also true of the personalised customer services which we can offer based on specific requirements and requests. This is what we mean by top quality.


Our products showcase a new Made in Italy design which allows for an endless number of unexpected and bespoke compositions. All the articles we create are made of metal with different finishes and oxidation or painted in a variety of colours. The copper, brass and natural aluminium versions have been specially treated to make the object feel delicate to the touch, yet protected against the natural oxidation of the metal.

  Sustainability and responsability

Protecting the environment has played an important role in our product processes and we are proud of the fact that our products are produced, packaged and shipped in the most environmentally-friendly possible way.
We always use the most up-to-date and modern techniques, we strive to produce the least amount of emissions possible and we undertake to save more energy and raw materials. Which is why almost 100% of the copper that we work and use for our creations comes from recycled material. This material includes internal production waste which is collected in special bins and melted down again to obtain new material.